Robin Pickering, artist

robin pickering

Robin is an award-winning artist who exhibits in galleries throughout the UK, and whose work is in private collections around the world. He lives and works in East Devon, England.

In this website you can find details of Robin’s artistic background and CV as well as information about forthcoming events and exhibitions. You can also sign up to his mailing list, or email him through the contact page.

Robin’s work is always framed to the highest professional standards and he undertakes private and corporate commissions.

on robin's art..

Robin works in both pastels and oils. The pastels are evenly divided between landscapes and seascapes – usually his much-loved Tuscany and Venice or Devon and Cornwall. Often they seem, on first viewing, very accessible and illustrative. They are indeed easy on the eye, but they are more than that.

Colour is used in strong planes, and recent pictures of both Venice and St Ives tend more and more towards blocks of intense colour, which work as much as abstracts as they do as representational images.

The oils, mainly coastal subjects, also concentrate on vivid colour and light, but here the energy comes from the way the paint is applied. Strongly textured, the seascapes swirl and flicker with movement, and the light glimmers from the surface.

In both landscapes and seascapes, the sense of location is tangible. The viewer feels the light, the wind, the heat of a specific time and place.” (Anna Searle)